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Welcome to my crewfile

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  • My Voice Styles Include:

  • Car Spots
  • Character Spots
  • Political Spots
  • Infomercials
  • Concert Voices
  • Narrations
  • Holiday Theme
  • Announcer Voice
  • Narrations
  • Commercials
  • Trailers
  • Deep Voice
  • Warm & Friendly
  • Young Sounding
  • Urban
  • My Languages Include:

  • English

Tanzer Kaye

Crew Member Since: 12/01/2019

Turn Around Time: 1 Hours

About Me

Genuine Believable Authentic Friend

My Bio

Tanzer Kaye has been a pro for years, now taking it to the online casting side. A professional studio and a real love for the industry, come shining through in his work. Tanzer has voiced everything from national ads to small Mom and Pop shop IVRs. No job is too big or too small. EVERY client comes number 1.

As a client, you know you need more than just a voice. You need someone who can convey your message, in a way that moves the listener and strikes a chord within them. And you need it FAST! You need it YESTERDAY! Tanzer ensures that you will always get his best effort in performance, audio quality and turn around time!

Tanzer's voice has been described as:

Friendly, Happy, Bright, Cheerful, Commercial, Promo, Trailer, Product Intro, Guy Next Door, Emotion, Natural, Approachable, Business, Baritone, Smooth, Deep, Whisper, Speak, Corporate, Tough, Young, Mature, Authoritative, Confidence, Urgency, Current, Fresh, Relaxing, Sincere, Comforting, Call to Action, Millennial, Athletic, Contemporary
Guy Next Door, Commercial, Accent, Business, eLearning, Education, Movie Trailer, Narrator, Audiobook, Cartoon, Authoritative, Natural, Confident, Young Adult, Broadcast, Television, Radio, Internet, Dude Next Door, Confident, Young Adult, Charming , Accessible, Friendly, Genuine, Authentic, Believable, Relatable, Trustworthy, Fun, Fresh, Youthful, Engaging, Sincere, Happy, Reassuring, Warm, Playful, Motivational, Straightforward, Strong, Sweet, Cheerful, Emotion, Natural, Approachable, Smooth, Tenor, Accent, commanding, approachable, Trailer, explainer, smooth, articulate, relaxing, sincere, confident, young, middle-aged, emotional, coach, dad, father, owner, voice of god, teacher, doctor, caring, inspirational.

TV, radio, internet, preroll, audio book, voice messaging, IVR, gaming .Commercial, Promo, Movie, Trailer, Business, Product Intro, Cartoon, Video Game, Internet video, Documentary, Narration, Broadcast, Television, Radio, Internet, In-Show Narration, Radio Imaging , Radio Spot , White-board Animation, Characters, ADR, Automated Dialog Replacement, Dubbing, Re-recording, Corporate Narration, Video, E-learning, Explainer Video, Training Video, Case Study, Kickstarter Video, Corporate Investor Video, Investor Video, Marketing Video, Film, Intro Video, Sponsor Video, Talking toy, POS, Event Video, Internal Video, Inspirational VO, Direct Response Ad (DR), Casting Directors, Home Studio, Recording Studio, Privacy Policy, Voice Talent, Audio Guide, Museum Guide, Museum Narration, Presentation Video, Presentation, IOS app, Android App, Mobile App, TV Project, VSL, Video Sales Letter, Sales Video, Educational Script , E-Learning Module , Orientation Video, Study, Podcast, Intro, Outro, Bumper, Tourism Guide, Tourism Promo , Business, Narrator, Education, On-hold Message, IVR, Phone Message, Tutorial, Brand Anthem, Branding Video, Launch Video, Appeal Video, Infographic, Infographic Video, Customer Facing Video, Teaser Video , Sermon Intro , Church Video , Recruitment Video , Proof of Concept Video, Concept Video, Product Explainer, Imaging, Radio Imaging, Affiliate, Network Affiliate, Automotive, Auto, Car

My Other Demos

  • Main Demo
  • Narrations
  • Concert Demo