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Terms of Use

All orders processed through are considered royalty free. will make every attempt possible to ensure your voice recording is delivered in a timely manner but does not guarantee turn-around times.  All orders are based on word count, which can be found on our pricing page.  In the event an order is past the allotted amount of words the client will be responsible for paying the additional balance or trimming the script down to fit in the requested duration.  

Re-Reads offers up to 2 re-reads without a script change for orders ranging from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

For orders, 2 minutes plus the client will be given a small sample read of the script if requested to approve.  Once approved the talent will then voice the spot based on the client's approved sample.  A re-read will only be allowed on orders over 2 minutes in the event the talent does not match the approved sample read.

In the event a script is modified even one word the spot will be considered a new order.

Re-read requests are valid for up to 30 days from when the order is placed.  Requests made after 30 days will result in a new order.

Change in Direction

The 2 free re-reads do not cover a change in direction. Once a voice-over has been voiced and the direction or instructions have been requested to be changed it will be considered a new order.

Turn Around Times

Voice Talent Turn Around times are estimated turn around times. Turnaround times are not to be held to guarantee that your order will be done within the talent's estimated turnaround. will make every attempt possible to accommodate your order is its designated deadline inside of the talent's specified turnaround times.

A missed deadline is NOT grounds for a refund.

Combining Scripts

Please note that combining multiple scripts for individual spots is prohibited.  Combining scripts will only be allowed for scripts being used in the same project such as e-learning and telephone or PBX prompts.

Refund Policy will make every attempt to make sure you are happy with your order and it is done correctly.  Script changes or direction changes after a script is voiced are not valid for refunds.

Refunds are available for any of the following:

o  Refund is requested prior to spot completion.  Once a script is voiced a refund cannot be issued.  

o  Talent makes a mistake on the read and refuses to give a re-read

o  Talent refuses to give a re-read inside of the requested two additional reads for orders under 2 minutes

Buy-Out Rates

All rates are considered Buy-Out rates.  Once a client purchases a voice over there are no restrictions on how the recording is used.

Post Production

Orders placed for Voice Talent are deemed "Dry Voice Only".  The Voice Talent is only responsible for narrating the script and does not include music or sound FX. offers in-house Post Production services at an extra cost for Royalty-Free Music Tracks, Sound FX, File Separation, Compression, and any other post-service work.  Please refer to our pricing page for details.

Crew Members is a Free service to sign up to promote your voice.  All Voice Crew Members are expected to act in a professional manner at all times.  At no time will any crew member be allowed to exchange personal contact information with a client.  Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of your account.  Crew members are responsible for "Checking Out" when they will not be available.